Truely Epic, Truely Story Telling

Different moments throughout a wedding day require different approaches.

If I had to boil it down, I’d describe our style as creative documentary.

Our goal is to authentically, passionately, and creatively capture a series of moments that add up to tell a visual story of your wedding day – and on an even deeper level – the story of you as a couple.

We are the least photogenic people alive

Know that we will do anything we can to put you at ease and to make you feel comfortable.
Many times this means being unobtrusive and allowing moments to unfold on their own,
and other times it means providing just the right amount of guidance while having a ton of fun and creating a playful environment where you can’t help but smile naturally.
Sometimes we’ll be doing something so outrageous to get the shot that you’ll just be laughing at us (which is great!).
Most couples have told us it felt like we are just hanging out with the gang, but we just happen to have our cameras along with us.

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